Leopards Lending a Hand - Food Rescue

For the fifth year, Lowes Island Elementary will be participating in the Food Rescue Program with LINK. This program started in 2012 when Dranesville Elementary in Fairfax did a study of how much food students were throwing in the garbage. Literally - tons! This is food that the students bought for lunch in the cafeteria and then never used. Examples include sealed - milk, juice boxes, cheese sticks, fruit cups, bananas, snacks, yogurt cups/tubes.

There is a donated refrigerator in the cafeteria specifically for LINK donations. Before the kids toss unopened food in the garbage at the end of lunch, they will have the opportunity to put these items in the refrigerator for LINK. Volunteers will be scheduled to pick up items from the refrigerator, every Wednesday and Friday, and deliver to the Embry Rucker Shelter in Reston.


To volunteer, please use the Signup Genius link below. This a very easy, fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity that you can do as an individual, as a family, with kids (any age!), with Scouts, etc. Great way for anyone needing service hours to earn them!




The Food Rescue Program includes 13 schools in our area - 7 in Fairfax County and 6 in Loudoun County.

For more information about the program, please contact Cori Sanzano at mcsanz95@gmail.com.